Way back in October 2002 DJ Balomix was born artistically speaking as a mere joke when he was given the stage name of DJ Balordo by Sergy from Agliana which over the years became Davidbit aka Balomix or as his workmates call him, Dave.

But his professional growth is mostly thanks to the owner of the Cantagrillo Swimming Pool (Marco Ponsicchi), who let the young DJ work there every Wednesday evening for his unusual but popular show dedicated to singles over the age of 30.

This experience lasted for one year, from June 2003 until July 2004 and during this year Balomix, with the help of Combriccola Balordiana (the Balordiana Gang), began to get himself known and so was able to get work in other discos.

In January 2006 things begin to change for the better because he managed to become part of the staff of the Concorde Disco in Chiesina Uzzanese and during the period of school trips, from March to May, he got young people from all over Italy dancing

Then, thanks to Sebi he really took off during the summer of 2007 when he began working at Manduca in Florence where special evenings were organised, such as the one on the 8th March 2008 at Ostras in Versilia.

From September 2008 he also began working with Filippo Giaconi with whom he had organised events in the area, and so the DJ began moving the turntables in some of the most glamorous discos such Yab, Villa Resort, Central Park, Primadonna and Bigonge, and during this period the group called Staff Gate 29 was formed to look after public relations, an idea of the Combriccola Balordiana.

In September of that same year the group became stronger and stronger, and more tight-knit, and at Davidbit’s events they worked together with the photographers Saverio and Leonardo from Centrofoto 3 in Pistoia (Viale Adua) organising a series of special theme evenings based on the eighties. The excitement felt by everyone at those DJ’s events was immortalised with the help of the photos that were taken.

The DJ would like to thank everyone that has helped and worked by his side.

This heartfelt thanks goes out to all those people who have believed in this project and who, ever since 2002, have been alongside him without reservation – THANK YOU!!!
….. and finally, a piece of advice from the Combriccola Balordiana and Staff Gate 29 “Never settle for the horizon ………. reach for infinity